Bharati Shipping

Welcome to Bharati Shipping

Our mission is to vessel's agency management and ship/cargo services to give the best possible to our customers. Since its founding in line with this principle, having experienced staff and provide services of the maritime industry with a portfolio of quality various representations.

Our reputation and relationship with the local and global industry helps us to achieve our customer’s goals.

Successful ship management depends mostly on competence, systems, crew, staff & personnel and the right blend of experience.

Bharati Shipping is exactly the same by evolving a system, which produces the desirable results for our clients by all means.

Through our extensive network of associates, we are well positioned to provide a specialist agency service resulting in a quick turn-around time.

Our achievement is a cost effective and efficient ship repair/dry dock service of international standard.

In case of bulkers the company undertakes that the vessel is ready for any major inspection at any given point.

A transparent accounting system allowing the principal to view every area of ship accounting, purchasing of stores and supply from the company`s own strong network.